Welcome to Caspershire Codex.

This is Aizan's personal knowledgebase, previously existed on 3 separate DokuWiki instances: Providence, Vault, and Shrine. The decision to move from having three separate wikis into one website is because it is far easier to manage one instance instead of three. Furthermore, Codex is now running on MkDocs (Python) instead of DokuWiki (PHP), which offers better performance (static HTML!) and better security (static HTML!).

Codex now has two sections: Providence (data mostly transferred from the previous Providence), Vault (same case as Providence). The plan to include Dexter (renamed from Shrine) here was scrapped, and a new wiki for my laboratory/research needs was established under a new name: Caspershire Atlas.

For the sake of making a proper introduction to what these sections are,

If there is anything, contact me on Twitter (@aixnr).